Sunday, 11 July 2010

TJs in the square, 10th july 2010

John Sicolo was a dude. He ran a club in Newport called TJs. It use to be called Sico's and many still called it by that name. We use to go there as young kids growing up in the Port, we even put on a night back in the early 90s, playing the records we liked.
All the bands that you can ever imagine played at TJs from Oasis to P.W.E.I. to my sister and her weird student mates.
Anyway, the leader, John sicolo, pasted on not so long ago and to celebrate his life and to kind of thank him (a bit late really) for all the music and that, it was decided that there should be a massive party in Newport's John Frost Square.

We were very lucky to be invited to head line, the only problem was getting to John Frost Square as it is in the middle of Port and there are no roads. Stan the sound engineer just decide to drive his car through the centre of town.

We got in finally and Stan didn't run anyone over which was a good thing. There was a posh dressing room in the old Co-Op bank, there was even a spread.

This was the stage, fair play it was massive.

So we dropped all the gear off and got some quick munch to soak up the booze.
Then we went to get the booze, Maggot was already in the pub.

It was a great day for a party.

Soon we had had enough beer and it was time to head down and put some rave clothes on and do a gig.

Eggsy had his own dressing room which was a bit like the place where Luke, Han solo and Princess Leia nearly got crushed in that Star Wars film.

There was a great crowd in the square. That's The Darling Buds on stage, they played right before us.

Adam got himself into trouble as usual and then managed to smooth it all over.

Then we were all ready to rock the party.

We went into the square and Paul Flynn MP said some words to the crowd. Paul is the coolest, if I could be anyone else in the world I would be him.

The crowd were great. We did a load of songs in quick succession cause we only had 25 minutes, it was hardcore but really good to do.

Then it was all over as soon as it had begun.

After we met some of the interesting people who were at the event.

Billy had a great time, he had only turned up 30 minutes before the gig and he had brought most of his family with him. I think he had been to a wedding or something.

I met some more of the party people.

Newport really knows how to bring the party.

And the party went on late into the night, we didn't quite dink the pubs dry but we sure did give it a go.

Jonny Sico we applaud you. Thanks for all the music.


  1. Your sister and her weird student mates were named "Girls Who Park In Cars" after a suggestion by me. It is an archaic Americanism meaning "sluts". Twas not until over a decade later that I found out off my dear Sassy that they'd actually used it.

    PS I am the real Clark Gwent and not the plagiarist Barding.


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