Saturday, 11 September 2010

The Walk of Chain 11th september 2010

We stared off at 9:30am at the Celtic Manor where that Ryder Cup thing is going on.
We were walking into town along Chepstow road to advertise our celeb golf day and gig on September 25th.

We had made placards. Striblo and the Mayor of Newport (he's the one with the most gold on) and his wife were walking with us.

So at 9:45 we set off. Adam, Greyham and mike hadn't turned up yet.

After about 15 minutes Adam, Greyham and Mike turned up and joined the posse. By then were were at the Dragon Palace take away.

Further down the road we got to the Albany Guest House, one of the finest guest houses in Wales.
Amir Khan has stayed here.

This is Eggsy and Striblo at the gates of beechwood Park.

This dude stopped for a quick chat, he was on a bike.

Then we pressed on.

The mayor and his missus were storming ahead.

Mike wanted a picture here.

We had been walking for a good 40 minutes and we were just getting to Maindee.

It was still early and Maindee Fish bar hadn't opened yet, some of the boys were hungry and hadn't eaten yet.
This is Newport Cenotaph.

Then we bumped into a load of early morning drinkers, they were safe.

And then we stopped of at the legendary, and now sadly closed, TJs nightclub.

We were almost there as we crossed Newport bridge.

dam had his own personal security guard.

And before we knew it we were there, Newport market.

Walk of chain........done.

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