Monday, 13 September 2010

Rodney Parade, Dragon vs Glasgow 12th Sept 2010

We were lucky enough to have been invited to perform a few songs at the home ground of the Gwent Dragons in Newport. Adam took no time to pretend he knew everything about rugby and could have been a pro (he had been captain of the 2nd team at school apparently).
He got proper stuck in.

Any way we weren't there to play rugby we were there to do some raps and get the crowd going, so first thing is first, we did a sound check.

Then it was time to check out our dressing room which took the form of not one but 2 hospitality boxes!

We had a great view of the pitch and in fact a great view of Newport too.

We were given rather fetching shirts to wear to which fitted some of us better than others. Greyham is now going on a diet after seeing himself in a mirror in his shirt.

We decided to go down onto the pitch a practice kicking the ball as we were going to have a kick off at half time. Greyham had never kicked a rugby ball in his life, needless to say he was crap at it.

Adam had a slightly better technique.

Billy on the other hand was taking it all very seriously.

He had even brought rugby boots for the kick off.

Mysti had his own style, well he always has.

Even though there was a promise of food, Eggsy had to go on his one man against the grain vibe and got stuck into eye lids and ring pieces in bread.

Back in our box the cheese had turned up.

And Adam check the stocks and shares with his new Champagne life style.

At 3:50 we went down and did 2 songs on the pitch, it was great, and we didn't say anything about posh spice or anyone's missus like the last time we did something like this.

Just before we went on 2hats turned up and didn't have time to put on his rugby shirt.

Then it was back down the tunnel.

Back in the Box the curry had turned up.

2hats was glad he had come down!

At half time we went down for the kick off.

Billy, Adam and Mike clearly the best but I can't really say who won cause it just descended into mayhem with balls flying everywhere.

The game started up again and we went back for more refreshments and Mike even had some curry (he doesn't like spicy food).

The Dragons won and the sun had shone, we had a great day out!

After the game we went to the club house to enjoy some more light refreshments.

By 10pm Greyham was trying to rugby tackle Big G and by 10:30 he was lying in the gutter singing "It's raining men" by the Weather Girls.
Thank you Dragons!


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