Monday, 13 September 2010

GLC Cook Off (Goldie Cookin Chain) September 11th 2010

We had just walked 5 miles into Newport and now we were going to do a cook off in the market.

Before we went upstairs we said hello to some of the people in the market, this is Mysti with Dean.

We went up to Betty's cafe and got ready to cook.

But before we could start cooking we decided to go onto the streets to give out some flyers.

Adam wasn't happy about wearing his hat, he said it cut off the blood flow to his brain.

Mike was having the time of his life.
Back at base Greyham had set up the GLC shop to sell the tickets for the gig on the 25th.

I was first to cook, I had Mike as my assistant. He insists he can cook but can't remember the last time or the last thing he cooked, he said it was probably bacon cause that's all he really eats. Eggsy took to the mic to keep everyone informed as to what was going on.

I was doing Gwent Sausages. Basically it's Welsh Rarebit smashed up, rolled in bread crumbs and fried.

Big Gibbo gave them 9 and a half out of 10, not a bad start, and he used to cook in the Cross Keys Pub.

Then Adam took to the kitchen.

Adam was doing burgers (like you can't get a burger in Newport).

To be fair they looked quite good but I don't know what he was doing putting Oxo cubes in them.

I clearly won.
The Cook Off was great fun and no one got burnt, cut off an important body part or got the squits!

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