Monday, 14 November 2011

Electric Ballroom Camden 4th November 2011

 Eggsy and me were already in London and had waited all day for the others to turn up, to be fair they were only 2 hours late.

 When they arrived it was 6pm so we had to move fast and get the gig set up.

 So they all went to the pub and nearly missed the sound check, luckily they got back in the nick of time and we checked the sound and it was alright.

 We had Devises legend Chip Daddy as support and he and his crew banged out a load of songs and got the crowd hyped. He is only 14 and we had to get him special wristbands and hide all the alcohol in the dressing room.
 Before you could say "I'll have a pint of lager and a packed of Big D nuts", it was time to go on and do a show.

 The crowd were well rocking.
 Chip Daddy and his crew came on at the end and showed of the dance moves they had learned from their parents. Dan "Dipper Nan" Tracey was in the house too, he came dressed as a teacher for some reason.

The show was banging.
The boys got cleaned up and headed to an after show party and didn't get back home till 7:30am.
Eggsy and I had to get the last train home coz he had to do some Radio with Rhod Gilbert and I had to dress like a tranny for S4C (the Welsh Channel 4).
We met Irush4th on the street outside the venue, he had a pogo stick.

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