Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Forum, Hatfield Uni 11th November

 And we were back on the road. 
We were off doing a trio of dates, the last of the year, starting out at Hatfield Uni.

 We had only been on the bus for 15 minutes and Greyham's eyes looked like this.

We arrived at Hatfield and went straight to the dressing room to check out the crisps and chocolate.
 Then we put Adam in a fridge.
 And went to get some grub at the Uni pub.
 We were promised high class gourmet food, but what we actually got was frozen food you give to people you hate or want to kill. Eggsy was promised an "ultimate burger", what he actually got (for 8 quid) was something you feed to animals you get for Christmas but never wanted and can't afford to feed properly.
He felt a bit ripped off.
 Luckily friend of the GLC Milly, had brought us a massive bag of biscuits.
 Maggot turned up too, which was nice.
 Greyham decided it was time to get back on it and get drunk for the second time in one day.
 The club night we were playing was called Flirt and some people came to tell us about it with a big sign.
 Then it was time to get ready for the show.
 It was massive.
 And there was plenty of sweat.
 John Lozza was doing the merch and hanging out and making friends with Milly.
 After a few drinks in the club we got back on the bus and found Ross asleep.
We got on the move and started the drive to the next venue.

 We stopped off at the services on the way to the next gig and tried to buy some condoms to put on Ross' head, unfortunately we bought flavoured lube by mistake. The cherry flavour was the best.
 Ross was still out of it.
 So we got on it a bit more.
 And so did Ross when he woke up.
Next stop Buckley.

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