Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Cariad@iaith Christmas special

 All of the crew had been invited back to learn more Welsh and film a Christmas special.

In the summer me, Colin Charvis, Helen Lederer, Josie d'Arby, Melanie Walters, Lembit Opik, Matt Johnson and Sophie Evans had gone to a posh camp site and this time we were taken to a massive old house in South west Wales.
 It was well nice, I picked out a bed and had a quick look around.
 We were staying in the great house in Laugharne, which was great.
 Matt turned up a bit late coz he had had some trouble sleeping. 
We put some silly hats on to get us in the mood for learning Welsh.
 I went with the turkey hat
It turned out Sophie wasn't going to make it coz she was doing loads of shows in London, she is Dot in Wizard of Oz.
We had a quick lesson.
 After the lesson we went for a walk as the sun set.
 To a grave yard where Welsh alcoholic and writer Dylan Thomas is buried.
 He lived in Laugharne for a few years, apparently they had some good pubs that he really liked. He also had a shed and a boat house.
 Dylan Thomas use to write in the shed and sometimes in this house by the water called the Boat House. Not sure if he had a boat though.
 We walked around the corner to a romantic hotel.
 And some of us had a go at burning some local food on a very hot cooking thing.
 Matt really got the hang of it and burnt the food really well.
 Then it was back to our new classroom for more learning.
 Some people stayed on after to swat up with Nia one of our lovely teachers.
 Down stairs there was a mountain of booze.
 And suddenly a party was going on, well it was Christmas.
 Matt is a keen gardener in his spare time and noticed the herb garden was wilting due to the lack of rain and he made sure it was well watered.
 Then, by the magic of computers we managed to get hold of Sophie after she had finished her West End show.
 We wished her a Happy Christmas, Nadolig Llawen in Welsh and then it was time to sleep, we had a big day ahead.
 I was sharing a room with Lembit.
 Before you could say Seane Corn (who is a very famous Yoga instructor), it was morning and Siôn Corn (Welsh for Santa) turned up with his bell to get us out of bed.
 Here is Siôn Corn and his bell.
 Then Santa got changed out of his suit and brought us gifts.
 He brought us a full Welsh breakfast each, which was much appreciated.
 Then it was back to school and the big surprise, we were going to learn and perform a panto in Welsh!
We went through the script a few times
  It was a hard lesson and we tried to learn our parts.

 Then, we were bundled into fast cars and taken to secret locations.
 Mel, me, Charv and Matt were told to put on radiation suits.
 And given a dead turkey to pluck.
 It wasn't what I was expecting but we got on with it and did the best we could.
It turned out we were going to eat the turkey that night. 
We decided to call it Sophie.
 The others we taken to make minced pies, I think we got the short straw on that one. 
  Then it was back to learning the lines for the panto, it was Cinderella.
 We had some down time and some of us chilled out and others kept on going through the lines.
 It went dark.
 We were very lucky coz the production team had gone to the trouble of providing some costumes for us to wear for the show. 
Unfortunately they hadn't bothered to get the right sizes.
 Josie looked good as the handsome prince.
 Lembit was the Fairy God Mother and Mel was Buttons which had a different name in Welsh which really threw me. To be honest I only worked out she was meant to be Buttons about 2 minutes ago.
Helen was a mouse and a horse.
 And Charv was Cinderella.
Me and Matt were the ugly sisters.
I thought we looked pretty good and so did Aled the chef.
  After the show, which was a roaring success we got changed.
 Into evening gear for a big Christmas dinner. My suit cost 40 quid from Primark.
The button fell off the jacket when i put it on.
 Aled Williams who runs a top restaurant in Beaumaris cooked the dinner, it was amazing.
 After we had eaten till we felt sick we were given paper with Silent Night aka Dawel Nos to sing.

 Then we withdrew to the drawing room.
 We had a good old sing song and we even had the theme from the Last Of The Summer Wine played on the trumpet which drew a few tears around the room.
 About 3am those of us still standing started playing party games.
 I have no clue what time this went on until but it was a good few hours.
 When I got up the next day everyone was gone, it was like it was all a dream.

Then it was back to reality.

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