Sunday, 14 August 2011

Boomtown fair 13th August 2011

We got on the scum bus.

We were off to play at Boomtown which was near Winchester.
We had to stop off so Mike could try and win a major prize.
He didn't.

Eggsy nearly bought a Burger king but they were asking 4 quid for a cheese burger so he had a pastie instead.

We got back in the van and drove on, these people kept driving along side us. The woman in the passenger seat was sitting there with her tits out. Kind of weird, it was like the 70s with echos of Fred and Rose.

We got to Winchester and picked up Maggot and his young friend.

And ended up getting to the stage at Boomtown with about 20 minutes to spare.

Billy got into the cider.

And Mike got involved with the brandy.

This is Kaptain, he lives in Cardiff but is also mayor of Boomtown.

Eggsy got ready for the show and put his Wales rugby Under Armour top on, he knows nothing about rugby but it is a good look.

MC Flatpress turned up to to do Soapbar with us.

These high class ladies were dancing on the stage before us and they came to say hello.

Then we went on to rock Boomtown.

We were thrown some clothes.

And a wig.

The gig was full on.

We announced a wedding and 2 birthdays.

It was well safe.

Mike and Ross had a great time.

And some Victorian prostitutes came on stage at the end and made friends with Greyham.

There were some fresh looks about.

And Eggsy hung out with a woman with some pen on her face and someone else who was either a man with long hair or a woman with big hands.

Adam wanted to rave.

So did Greyham.

He was proper going for it........for 2 minutes.

They had some propaganda on the walls of Boomtown.

And there was a roller disco.

Adam managed to find something that interested him.......

A cider bar.

I had a pint of Wobbly Leg, it was called something like that, either way it smashed me right up.

There were some proper weirdos at Boomtown but everyone was having fun.

We met some of the people who had watched the show.

And by the time it had gone dark and we were ready to go home, Greyham was smashed.

We got on the bus ready for a long journey.

We had to stop of to get some food. Everywhere was shut but they taunted us by just leaving food lying around. Scum.

Adam decided tthe best way to get over the hunger was to sing.

Greyham tried to drive home.

So to try and forget about the lack of food we decided to see if we have the X Factor .

And I think we probably do.

When we got home we found out that Billy web had been caught short at Boomtown.
He was unable to find any toilet paper though and chose an alternative to clean himself up with.


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