Monday, 29 August 2011

Start The Bus Bristol 19th August 2011

We were heading off for a fun weekend of gigs starting in Bristol at Start The Bus.
Mysti had brought all his washing with him.

We were given a room above the club to use as a dressing room.

And then we were taken back downstairs to the club to have some tasty burgers.

After the tasty burgers we went back upstairs and Big G found a secret room. In the secret room was a TV from the 70s and Big G's favourite ever game. He was well happy.

Mike Balls didn't play the game.
The burgers seemed to have an odd effect on him as he found loads of old clothes and put on a dress.

It turned out we were in a place that had until recently been a vintage clothing outlet once robbed by Peaches Geldoff.
I found a rather nice pair of red trousers and as Freddy said "pick it up, put it on".

We then did tricks off the steps on Amy Winehouse (Amy Winehouse is the name of the scooter, it used to belong to Amy's a long story).

After a couple of hours the party boys came back from the pub singing the theme music from Morecambe and Wise.

Soon after that we found a toilet.
It was getting close to stage time.

We had a quick practice of the GLC "stage craft" and we were off.

To stand outside for 15 minutes while they looked for the key to the door that lead to the stage.

Then we did Britain's hottest ever gig.

We decided we would do as many songs as we could, I think we did 18 or something like that.

It was awesome, Start The Bus is a great gig, and we had a stage invasion.

It was well hot.

Back in the dressing room, forward slash ex vintage shop, Maggot found the towels although they were a tad on the small side. Still he managed to have a shower and wash and dry all his important areas.

Then we cleared out and said goodbye to some friends who had come to the gig and we got on the bus bound for V Festival.

Massive respect to Start The Bus.

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