Monday, 1 August 2011

Monmouth Festival 29th July 2011

We got in the van to go to Monmouth.

We were playing the festival, it is in it's 29th year now, and they knew what they were doing.
They had put some lager in a fridge with some shoes on it, proper rock and roll.

The party boys went to the local and had some drinks in plastic cups.

Some of the others hung out in the compound.

Then the party boys came back and we got on it.

I found out I was wearing one of Maggot's T shirts, it had been at my house for 5 years. He is never going to get it back now.

Mysti's was wearing his own clothes.

We had a competition winner come and say hello.

And then it was time to smash the place up.

The crowd were proper up for it.

They were going nuts.

It was like an illegal rave with a light police presence and a stall that sold candyfloss.

We did all them songs and all that and.....

We had such a good time we decided to do the now famous GLC human pyramid.

Eggsy enjoyed it so much he spent the rest of the night pretending to to be an ancient mummy from Egypt in honor of the human pyramid.

Even the punters getting thrown out were having a good time and so were the security.

We had about 8 bras thrown on stage and a shoe.

After, we went out to meet some of the people who had been in the crowd.

It had been a good gig.

Everyone had had fun.

As usual Mysti ended up talking to men all night.

I think the party went on for at least 20 minutes after we had finished playing.

I wouldn't want to be the one to clear that mess up.

Safe Monomouth, can we come back next year?

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