Monday, 12 September 2011

Bestival 2011

We got on the bus about 11pm on Saturday night and had a few drinks.
Billy went to sleep for a while in the back lounge of the bus.
Billy being asleep didn't stop us having a rave though.
We stopped in at a services, I have no clue which one. Mike found a new game to play.
Mike did ok for a first attempt.
I went to sleep and missed the joy of the Ferry crossing and woke up the next morning at Bestival to find Big G watching Wales vs South Africa (rugby world cup) on his iphone.
Ross woke up next he had gone yellow and red.
Greyham got up and we went for a look around the back stage area.
We found a cocktail bar.
And a seating area that turned out to be wet, he had a wet ass for the rest of the day.
When we were all up we went to see the main festival site.
Bestival is awesome!
Seriously awesome.
We met up with Mary from the Sunday Times or one of them papers that the Murdoch's own. We had a chat to her about stuff.
After, Adam was hungry and found a farmers market.
Adam is growing some veg in his garden, he isn't really a farmer but they still let him buy some sort of quiche.
Mike was more interested in the fry ups they were doing by the gift shop.
I told him he should come to the backstage catering tent as they were doing a Christmas dinner (which was my second of the week).
This is Chris, we had met him for the first time on the festival site earlier, he seemed safe but who knows, he could be a killer.
We were walking down to do a show on Bestival radio.
We did an hour there, it was great fun. I love radio.
We got back and found Mysti who had been to the toilets in flip flops and ended up with human feces all over his feet.
Then we all got ready to do the gig, Greyham put his Elvis costume on.
I decided Greyham needed to complete the look with some side burns, so I drew some on with a permanent marker.
Then we got in a 17 seater scum bus to go to the stage.
When we got there Mr Motivator was on doing a fitness routine.
Bestival is awesome.
Some of the crowd had come to the fence by the side of the stage to say hello.
Then we went on to rave it up.
The crowd were pumped especially after Mr Motivator.
We had a great show and the crowd rocked it.
We said goodbye to some the crowd by the fence. Some of them broke through.
And got on the scum bus with us.
It was Milly, who is an old friend of the GLC. By the way I have no clue who the kid on the left is.
I went to take advantage of the free massage service and Zoe Ball and Huw Stephens turned up to say hello, they were more interested in what was going on to the left though, I don't know what they were looking at.
When I got back from my massage (Don Letts and Mick Jones were being interview for French TV in the tent I was being massaged in. There was a sheet hanging down to separate the massage bit off. It was kind of weird), I found Big G. He had been trying to go to the toilet all day and had just realised he had taken the wrong tablets in the morning. He had mistakenly taken anti diarrhea instead of head ache tablets which was odd cause his head ache had gone. I spoke to him just now though and he still hasn't been to the toilet.
so we repaired to the cocktail bar. Big G really wanted a cocktail, the problem was they didn't do cocktails.
So at half 9 we left the site and headed for the boat, we were booked on the 10:15 ferry.
I had a delicious feast on the ferry.
On the way home we had to stop at the services and empty the toilet on the bus and clean it cause someone had taken a dump in there. The first, well probably 6th or 7th rule of being on tour is "don't shit in the tour bus!" I reckon it was Vern by the way.
Greyham and Mysti spent 20 quid on a shoot em up.
Then we drove back to Newport and by then Ross was proper smashed.
And Greyham's face had changed shape.
Festival season is over for another year and what a way to go out. Thank you Bestival!

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