Sunday, 4 September 2011

V Festival 2011 Weston Park, South Staffordshire

We woke up in Weston Park, South Staffordshire for day 2 of V Festival.
 Adam took his wardrobe to the dressing rooms.
 And Big G went through his personal cleansing routine.
 We had about 10 hours to kill till the gig and we had to try and stay sober. Adam decided to catch up on what was going on in the world.
 And Greyham went to the canteen for some gruel. I have no clue what it was he was eating.
 Last year at V we had had some snaps taken of us with some curry for a book called "love food hate racism" or something and they had some of the snaps up in the canteen. Loads of other bands and famous types are in the book too.
 Maggot and Mike hung out by the bins for a bit.
 Then it was time to go and have a walk about the festival ground.
 And meet some of the nice people who were up for a weekend of partying.
 K T Tunstall was on.
 And I managed to maker her say Clunge.
 It wasn't raining which was nice.

It's amazing how many people wanted to have a photo with a sign that said clunge. 
Some people even had Clunge written on them.
This girl was 7 feet tall.
These girls liked clunge.
And these boys loved clunge.
We had lost the rest of GLC but we had a great walk around and it's always nice to meet the festival goers.
Before we went back to the other side I gave this guy the clunge sign, it was the last I saw of it.
We hung out with Dynamo and he did some magic for us.
We were still tying not to get too drunk. 
Maggot played the smallest mouth organ ever to try and get his mind off the free booze mountain that was in the tent next to our dressing room.
Mike went to get some food and decided on cheese and mini eggs.
And Nikki Grahame came to hang out with maggot.
Then these girls came over and we gave them some placards.
Big G got Amy Winehouse out and had a go on her (by the way the scooter is called Amy Winehouse, really, it is a long story one day I will explain, it use to belong to her but there is more to it than that........ Lets just leave it there.)
Any way, it went dark and these two nut jobs we gave the placards too attached themselves to us. One had her face painted like a tiger and the other had some pen on the left side of her face, that should tell you something about what they were like. 
Turns out they worked for Easy Jet.
It was 10 o'clock and we hadn't got drunk. Well we hadn't got really drunk.
We went on and smashed the show.
The crowd were amazing.
It was a proper good gig.
After the gig we got it together we went and hung out back stage and got on it.
The last thing I remember was Greyham asking this dude if he knew where Adam Hussain was.
Unfortunately the dude didn't know who Adam Hussain was and probably never will.

About 20 minutes later Greyham didn't know who Adam Hussain was either.

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