Saturday, 3 September 2011

V Festival 2011 Hylands Park

We had traveled from Bristol after the massive gig at Start The Bus. It was a heavy night.
We got it together and went to find the dressing rooms.

On the way there we passed the tents giving out free stuff.
Mac make up gave me some stuff for the missus, Firetrap wouldn't even let us in there tent,
but Sony gave us free headphones which was well nice of them. Thanks Sony.

 We had a nice dressing room which had fruit and chocolate in it so Maggot and Mike were both happy.
 We spoke to some of the nice people from V festival.
 And then it was cocktail o'clock!
 After the cocktails it was time to hit the crowd and go for a walk about with our rather well made placards.
Just then it pissed it down.
 But we made a good fist of it.
 People were trying to get cover from the rain everywhere, people were even hiding under and in the bins!
 Still we met some nice people on our walk.
 People were still up for a party even if there was a light shower.
 But I think most people had gone to the Strongbow tent which was banging.
 It was nice to see a light police presence watching over us too.
 We decided to head to the tent.
 We were playing in here at 10:35pm.
 After we got back and the sun had come out it was time for lunch.
 They do some good food at V Festival.
 Maggot had a 3 course meal. I had 7 courses.
 Then it was time to chill and have a few more cocktails.
 It went dark and we got tipsy. 
We went to the stage and found that they had a problem with the sound and we had to cut the set time, unsafe.
 We went on and smashed it. Everyone's favourite robot Titan came on for a dance too.
 It was a good rave up even though we had to cut a song or 2.
 We were given some Champagne to celebrate.
 By 3am it had turned Greyham a bit fruity.
We got in the bus and rolled on to day 2 of V Festival in Stafford.

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