Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Frome 13th June 2015

 Having played in London the night before I decided I needed a breakfast of champions.
So I got a bloody Mary.
 And a cup of beans.
 We all met up in the pub and Mystikal decided to take most of his clothes off.
 Eventually we got in the bus and 2h@s had brought a bag of what looked like piss but was actually 2 week old cider.
 We drove for a bit then we had to stop for pisses.
 We got to the venue and the there was a river.
 And a dressing room we had played here before.
 We sat outside and DJ Killer Tomato had a salad from Subways.
 There had been a dispute between our sound guy and the sound guy at the venue who had decided to not turn up. Instead there was this guy who was really nervous and about to have a heart attack.
 We went into town.
 We couldn't find the town so we went to the pub and Billy had an orange drink.
 We went back to the place and it was time to go on.
 We did the rave songs and I had a migraine as soon as we went on.
 After we met some people.

 They were safe.
 Well safe.
 Then we drove back to Port and went to Mcdonalds. Graham had some weird food that nearly made him puked.
He is a funny lad.
Good times.

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