Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Birmingham Institute 3rd July 2015

 It was time for another rave.
 We drove to Birmingham and hit the dressingroom.
 Adam chose to stay outside. Last time we had played here I had drawn a pair of glasses on Maggot with a permanent marker and we had left him there.
 Mystikal and Mike were well up for it tonight.
 A guy called Rhys (not me ) recommended this place for food. If you are ever in Birmingham don't try it, we took the food back to the dressing room, that had been cooked by two teenage drug dealers, and threw it in the bin. Well I did, DJ Killer Tomato eat his. 
 Then we did the gig.
 It was ok, we only messed up a few songs.
 After we met some chain heads.
 Graham was well happy.
 This guy had the best outfit ever.
 Some people had been having a good drink.
 The place cleared out and it was time to go.
We went tot the service and Mystikal accidentally smashed the place up, as usual.
 DJ Killer Tomato spent 14 quid on doughnuts.

And I found new stuff they never use to have.
Then we went to a well known hotel chain as we were traveling to Liverpool the next day.

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