Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Newcastle Academy 2 17th July 2015

I had a good breakfast with a pint in anticipation of a long old trip to Newcastle.
 We got in the van and went to get some coffee.
 We had realized, after we had got the van and got the petrol, that we had left the back drop at the van company depot. We had to go back and get it.

After we got the back drop we went straight to the services.

Then to another, this one had a sex shop too.
 We went see what they sold. We had to explain to Adam what some of the thing inside were for.
They also sold 7 DVDs for 100 quid, they must not have the internet up north.
 We got to Newcastle and I went to get some socks.
 We were playing the Academy, we had played here before a few times and played both rooms.
We were not playing this room tonight though.
Some of the boys decided to see what the local food was like so they went to Mcdonalds.
 Some of the boys just decided to hang out on the street.
 When it was time we got on the life to go do the gig.
 We were in the smaller room, last time we were here we had a 15 minute discussion with the crowd about whether human semen will make you go blind if you get it in your eyes.
 We kept it simple this time and didn't start an open forum on body fluids.

It was a good show.
After the show we got back in the lift, Billy had been given some new bling.
 We cooled off and went to meet the crowd.
 They were all safe.
 We were staying up the road in a posh hotel.
So we eventually got in for 4 hours sleep.
Next stop Glasgow.

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