Saturday, 3 October 2015

BOOMTOWN 16th August 2015

We were mega excited for Boomtown.
 After stopping for loads of wees we got to the services.
 And chucked loads of healthy food down us.
 After a long time we ended up at Boomtown.
 We went to talk to Shark. She was still off it on acid and bath salts from the night before and spent 20 minutes trying to put some cottage cheese on a cracker before she got round to giving us the wrist bands and telling us where to go.
 Then we had to go wait for a bus to take us to the stage.
 Billy was loving Boomtown already but Graham wasn't happy as he needed to have a sit down.
 We got in and got ready for the show as we only had 20 minutes.
 The looks in this band are getting out of control.
 An old fried of Mysti's came over and a had a 10 minute conversation with him about the old days and gave him this scissor chain.
After she went he said he had no idea who she was.
 Then we did the show.
 The crowd were safe.
 Boomtown rocks.
 We did all the songs.
 After everyone felt great and no one was sick, at least not straight away.

 Then it was time to mingle.
Mysti decided it was time for motorway service station sushi.

 We went for a look around.
 Boomtown is the best festival.
Mysti was really confused.
 He was convinced we were in Chepstow and I had to explain it to him like seven times.
I'm still not convinced he believed me.
 We walked all around.
 And eventually bumped into the others.
 Then we got some festival grub.
 And went to Mayfair.
 Were we found a robot and people wrestling naked for a baying crowd.
 Then we walked some more.
 And DJ Killer Tomato found a sex wall.
 We all met up and met some nice people.
 And went to a bar where a girl was wearing a lampshade as a hat.
 After a few gin and tonics it was time to go so we commandeered a van that had lesbian a hen do on it.
 The, before we got in our van, some of the boys pissed on some cars.
On the way back billy had a few drinks and woke up at 3am in a bush out side his house.
Yes Boomtown, we love you!!!!

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