Tuesday, 25 August 2015

On The Bus 9th August 2015

We started the day traveling to the nearest services as no one could organize a meal in Newport.
 Then it was time to stop every 15 miles for Adam to water the plants on the side of the road.
After going round in circles for 3 hours due to a rubbish sat nav we found a road that seemed to be the right one.
 And it was, we were there.
 We got out of the bus and were given food tokens for Glastonbury.
 We decided to have a look round, this is the Drum and Bass barn.
 And this was the main area where they burn stuff and people play with spiny things on string.
 The festival was awesome in a 90s I've accidentally taken 4 horse tranquilizers and the strongest acid known to man illegal rave kind of way.
 We had a good look round.
 Then we got some pizza.
 And then we realized why it was called On The Bus.
 We spent the next 4 hours on the bus till it was time to go on stage.
 And we did the songs.
Then, after, we sat with some people and had more pizza.
Good times On The Bus.

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