Saturday, 5 December 2009

Exeter Phoenix, 4th december 2009

We got on the Sunshine Bus about 1pm and headed to Exeter for our first date on the December, Office Party tour.

We got curry sauce and chips from the Slowboat at the Hand Post in Newport.
Its the best curry sauce ever.
It only takes about an hour and a half to get to Exeter from Port. We loaded in and checked out the dressing room.

We were playing the Phoenix Club for the first time.

Billy and Graham found the bar straight away.

This is Stan who does the sound, he is from Birmingham.

We decided to go for a walk around the town.

To the Ship.

They sell old Rosie there.

Billy's favourite. Its the strongest cider in the world and smells like chemical death.

We went back to the venue and our support band had turned up.
They are called AT8.

Then it was time to chill out.

Mad Terry from a local radio station came down to talk to us.

Then Adam put is outfit for the night on.

Billy's bar opened at 9 but ran out of booze by 5 past.

Then we did the gig.

The crowd were well up for it.

It was all over befor you could say "Your Mother's Got A Penis" about 30 times.

Maggot was a big hit.

I went to meet some of the people who came to the gig.

There was an art gallery in the foyer.

Mysti made some good new friends that night.

We had a lot of fun.

Even Maggot had a good time.

Then we got got back on the bus to go back to the Port.

On the way we stopped off to practice our shooting skills.

Mike loves a good first person shoot em up.


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