Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Builth Wells, Young Farmers Village, Royal Welsh Show 24th July

We were driven up to Builth Wells and got there well before we had to play.
Eggsy had seen a van selling Pizza and ran off as soon as we pulled up.
I went to Llandrindod Wells for a curry with the missus as we were there so early.
We were playing the Young Farmers Village of the Royal Welsh Show.
Essentially its Ibiza for farmers.
Bethan Elfyn from off the radio was there, she is well safe and had tried to blend in by dressing up like a farmer.

Everyone's favourite Mountain Ash resident Dave "Double D" Driscoll was there and he brought the vodka and stared the party.
It was time, we picked up our party bucket and went up the ramp to DJ.

It was nuts over 3000 young farmers all looking to drink and compare tractors.

Some one let about 30 farmeretts onto the stage and they were going mental.
I think they must have been at the plant fertilizer.

I was kind of scared but we rocked the stage.
DJ Spoony was on after us and I think they ripped his clothes off and offered him to their Sheep God.

It was wicked.

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