Saturday, 2 July 2011

Rhys and Eggsy do the Under Armour and WRU kit video June 2011

Eggsy and me had been told to turn up at this hotel on the other side of Cardiff at 2pm.

When we got there the receptionist told us to go to the back of the car park and find a building with WRU on it and there someone would meet us and tell us what we were doing and what the hell this was all about.

We were directed into a dressing room which had 8 soiled mattresses in it. It was odd and when a film crew turned up we thought we might be about to star in a very low budget porno.

Luckily it turned out it was something to do with rugby and we were shown a giant warehouse with grass in it to prove it, Eggsy still wasn't 100 percent convinced though.

Then someone handed me this shirt, it's the new Under Armour Welsh Rugby Union shirt and its well safe.

Then these two massive dudes turned up. The one on the left is George North and the one on the right is Sam Warburton, the little one in the middle is Eggsy.

So we went out side to the arena of death to learn to play rugby like men, to fight and die with honor..........and to test the new Under Armour shirt which is amazing, you kind of feel like Spiderman wearing it.

So we started with some basic press ups, after I had done 200 or so Eggsy got to help Sam out with his.

The boys showed us how to kick and later we had to try and catch the ball when they kicked it high into the air, this nearly broke my thumb. It still hurts now.

After a few hours of full on training the boys showed Eggsy what a swan dive is.

I thought it was something to do with Swansea but it's not.

Then Eggsy showed some of his skills off as I lay in the sun and nursed my thumb like a girl.

We had a great day out and only received minor injuries.

It was a sad feeling when we took the shirts off .
We felt like we lost our super human powers and went back to being normal everyday people.
I can't wait to put it back on, run around my garden and tackle my missus.

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