Saturday, 30 July 2011

COCKROCK 22nd July 2011

We got on the bus at 11pm to travel to Cokermouth.
Big G was coming with us and Adam had kidnapped Pete who is the landlord of our local pub Baileys.

Adam had brought 2 bottles of home made wine although he had no idea who's home they had been made at or what they were made from.
They made everything go funny though.

We woke up on a farm.

I got the other boys up cause we only had half an hour.

Until they stopped serving breakfast in the farm shop and closed the access to their relatively clean toilets.
A bargain for £4:99 including tea, toast and all the toilet paper you could use.

Round the back they had a load of semi retired farm type animals.

And Adam made short time of making friends, he literally had them eating out of his hands.

Then we went to see what it was all about.

We bumped into a band called "Me And My Sister", they seemed like nice girls.

We found some dressing rooms.

And Mike had missed out on breakfast and headed straight for the burger van.

Adam had some mid morning refreshments.

And Maggot tried his luck at pulling the sword from the stone with little success.

We found the chill out area which had a nice smell of piss about it.

So we went to our dressing room which was a container that had been painted white inside.

Outside Mike made a new friend.

And then some of the boys went to try the food. And then we heard the news.

And it swept the festival site via twitter.

We went back to the tour bus and Greyham realised he had burnt most of the skin off his face.
It had been a sunny day.

Then Adam and Greyham decided to try some really really hot hot sauce.

They are stupid.

It was like 200 million times hotter than hot. I like hot stuff but I didn't try it, that should tell you how hot it was.

Greyham was sick 9 times and thought he was going to die for about 30 minutes.

After Greyham had stopped being sick and hiccuping we went back to the dressing room and got ready to go and rock CockRock.

Maggot got into the groove.

And then it was time.

The place was raving hard.

And we did a human pyramid too.

After 2hats was smashed.

And Greyham was like pure sex personified.

An amazing day out on the farm.

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