Tuesday, 26 July 2011


I had just spent a week in West Wales learning Welsh. Big G and Eggsy had come and picked me up cause we were going to the Isle of Wight to DJ at a massive event at a football ground.
We got in Big G's red bullet and drove at a steady 70 to Portsmouth.

We parked up and walked to the hover craft for the crossing to IOW.

We got picked up on the other side by a nice lady in a BMW who took us to a hotel that had a bar area with three men with five brown teeth between them.
We eventually gained access to the rooms we were going to put our tired heads to sleep in after Britain's biggest live show at a football ground, south of the M25.

To be honest the hotel looked like it had been built by Fred West.

After a short time in a local bar meeting people who seemed to think black eyes and neck tattoos were all the go (seriously, they were nice lads), we headed to the football ground and were taken into a room with some tables and chairs and a window.

A steady flow of people were led into the room a few at a time to meet us. the dude in this picture only has one ball, I wish I could remember what he called it but sadly I can't.

This nice lady came to interview us and I told her a mixture of tall stories and hard facts.

Some girls were being paid to advertise a product by getting shit faced and getting their bits out.

And the circus was in town too.

The gig was pumping and it looked almost the same as Wembley in 1986 just before Queen took to the stage.

Eggsy and Big G decided to have some refreshments before we took to the stage as nerves were taking hold.

Then we were taken to the stage to do the gig.

And the crowd were in a frenzy!
But just as we were about to go on another local band took to the stage.

We went back to the room with the windows and met up with the nicest man in show biz Chesney Hawks who had just played.

Then we had some chips.

The night dragged on.

The Fun Loving Criminals who weren't having much fun and weren't loving the organisation almost bolted cause they had to get an 11:30 ferry back to the main land but the show must go on and so did they.
After FLC had finished and their family bucket of KFC had arrived (true fact), the stage was cleared ready for us to do our bit.

There was only 35 minutes of the night left and we rocked it hard.
After we finished the crowd were kettled and some woman dressed as a prostitute from Victorian London came on and did something with fire and some metal poles.

We didn't stick around for that.

We went back the Fred West memorial hotel.

I had been a bit scared by the state of the place so in the 5 hour wait during the time they moved our DJ set around I had gone to Sainsburys and bought a sleeping bag for 13 quid.
A small price to pay to prevent a nasty rash.

The next day we got up and decided to get a bus to Ryde.

We got there and found a nice shop that sold IOW hats and replica guns.

It rained most of the way home.

Another classy night out with the GLC!

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