Saturday, 14 December 2013

Scala London 24th October 2013

We had a few days to recharge and now we were ready to get back on the tour.
 Graham's morgalon was playing up and had grown considerably in the past few days.
 London was only a few service stops away.
 Graham was a big spender at the BK.
 We sat in the van for hours, the traffic was rubbish.
 Eventually we arrived, maggot had been waiting for us.
 Some of the boys did a "happy Birthday Dr Who" thing for TV, I didn't Dr Who is for weirdos.
Graham was well excited, he thought they were going to ask him what his favorite episodes were, they didn't.
 After Dr Who and sound check we hit the streets.
 And went for a romantic meal at a well known restaurant.
 The others went to drink booze.
 I caught up with them and saw some of the hard core GLC heads.
 Adam made friends.
 The pub was buzzing.
 Back at the dressing room Graham put on his painting trousers.
 We had some men filming us, they usually do the reconstructions for Crime Watch, I can't wait to see the footage. Don't have nightmares kids.
 Then it was time to do some songs.
 We got most of the words right.
 stood in a line.
 And put our hands in the air.
 It was a great show, Maggot was knackered.
 Bibs turned up too.
 Then we went to meet the paying customers.
 Graham was on top form again.
 There were some well safe heads in.
 I even got involved.
 Big up to the London and surrounding ares massive.
 The morgalon had got worse during the show.
 Then we hot footed it over to the after show party.
 Which was well loud coz Eggsy was DJing.
 Tom met Kelly.
 Then, many hours later we went to a travelodge near where they film Big Brother.
 Tom had wine and pizza.
 It had been a good night and the boys partied on in the bar.
 Adam had a great night.
Big up to London.

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