Monday, 2 December 2013

Hertfordshire Forum 18th October 2013

Straight after the gig in Leicester, and I mean straight after, no buffling, we were doing a gig in Hertfordshire at the Uni. So we got in the van and drove well fast.
 Of course we had to make a service stop.
 It took about an hour and a half but we made it.
 And it was nice to see other quality acts had been playing the venue.
 We had played here a few times and I think we have even done a DJ set here too.
We were meant to go on straight way so maggot limbered up.
 Eggsy and Graham found a way to amuse themselves.
 Then it was time.
 It was the second show of the night but we were going to slam it.
 The crowd were having a good time, even if they thought Maggot was Vanilla Ice and we were just his back up dancers.
 After the gig Vanilla was a bit tired.
 This kid came back stage to show us the t shirt he had bought on Ebay.
Then we took everything out of the dressing room and went to a posh hotel round the corner, it was going to be goot to take a break from Travelodges!

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