Sunday, 1 December 2013

Leicester 02 Academy 18th October 2013

After last night's gigwe had driven to a Travelodge.
When I woke up I had no clue where we were.
 After I had been for a walk around and a cup of tea in a greasy spoon I met up with some of the others.
 We went for a walk and it turned out we were in Wakefield.
 We found a high street shop with a cafe and Billy went for the 10 item option.
Eventually everyone got up and we went to a petrol station to spend an hour filling up the van.
The van spits the fuel back out, so we had to put the fuel in really slowly.
 Finally we got on the road and went straight to a service station for a change.
 Maggot had another big tea.
 Then it was back in the bus to make the journey to Leicester.
 We made it in good time so we decided to go for a nice walk.
 To the local pub, which had been a boat, well it kind of still was.
 Adam spent a few pounds on the shoot 'em up game.
 And then we ordered some food, two for a fiver.
 As usual, we got ripped off.
 Graham was happy though with his veggie breakfast, what a bellend.
 Back at the dressing room Adam and Mike were feeling safe.
 And then it was time to go and do the gig.
 It was a nice room.
 And some of the people were keen to see Maggot's length.
 It was a good old fashioned rave up.
 We felt pretty good after too.
 We said thanks to the crowd on the way back to the dressing room.
 Then we went to meet them.
 This woman took offence to Adam's larger for some reason.
 There was some good pointing going on.
 And Eggsy caught up with some people he met in an bar in '98.
 I think most people had a good time.
 We were accosted by a man with a really scary beard when we were trying to get onto the bus.
It was another good gig, this tour was really shaping up and we were now over half way through.

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