Friday, 6 December 2013

Kasbah Coventry 19th October 2013

Last night we had done 2 gigs in one night then stayed up in the bar of the hotel for a bit.
We weren't traveling to far so we got up and went looking for a pub to get lunch.
 We decide on the well known Six bells in St Albans.
 Graham got straight in and ordered a pint of Bacardi and Coke and was gutted when they didn't have any cocktail umbrellas.
 We got our munch on.
 It was nice to be eating at somewhere other than a motorway service station.
Adam got very angry because they served us ketchup from the fridge and after a survey on Twitter it became apparent that a large proportion of the public did indeed agree with him.
Keep your ketchup room temperature if Adam is coming over for chips. 
 After the pub we realised we had in fact missed the services so he made a quick stop.
 Adam almost won a prize too.
 We got to Coventry and got involved with a sound check.
We had played the Kasbah before, it's a massive club and it's well safe.
 And the owners of the Kasbah took us to their restaurant to get some Greek food.
 Mike was please, he doesn't like cucumber or tomato.
 They gave us wine that tasted like port which was crazy.
 The Greek sausage was great. Adam wasn't impressed with the meal. any food that comes with bread is not real food in his opinion. He went on a full on rant about it.
 We brought Billy back a box of food, he was well pleased.
 Adam was still angry about the bread.
 Eggsy had a minor breakdown in the corner of the room.
 And after all that food it was time to get on stage.
 And dance around and try not to be sick.
 Joel Bramwell was on fire, so he took his top off.
 A GLC fan tried to get on stage and the security proper slammed him to the floor, looked like he may have needed hospital treatment. It was nasty, seriously hope he was ok.
 After the gig Joel was still feeling the love, Graham was a little scared.
 We went to meet some of the crowd.
 Graham did a magic two drink holding thing.
 The crowd were happy.
 And so were Mike and Billy.
 We even found time to take some glamor photographs.
 We had a few drinks.
 And then it was time to get back on the bus to go back to wales.
 We had to have a quick stop off at the services.
Another good night out, next stop London on the 24th.

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