Sunday, 27 July 2014

Mighty Boof At The Stadium May 24th 2014

 Another day, another exciting journey in a van with the boys. 
Mike had a new jumper with footballs on it.
 DJ Killer Tomato had brought a pillow with him, it was midday but he was keen on sleeping most of the way so he could stay up for all the service stops on the way home.
 Somewhere up the M6 we picked up Mystical from a Little Chef / Burger King combination restaurant, it's his favorite.
 The the sat nav went nuts and took us through miles of country side. It was a bit like being in eastern Europe or something, all horses and carts and old people with no teeth.
 It was kind of picturesque though.
 Eventually we got the the place and were taken into a changing room at a sports ground. They seemed to have got rid of the usual smell of Deep Heat.
 Some of the others went in to another changing room for a chat with some students who had a camera and were blagging their way in pretending to be press.
 Greyham was feeling a bit sick after all the windy roads and had a can of Strongbow to take the edge off.
 A few cans later he was right as rain and it was time to get on the stage.
 The crowd were great and we did some raps.
 There was a stadium rock feel to the show.
 We saw some familiar faces in the crowd.
 And some people had even taken the time to write GLC on their faces.
 It was a good gig.
 Mike was having the time of his life, after the show Greyham had some more cider.
 A girl from the local rag came down and we talked to her for a while, I don't think she could print any of what we said to her.
 On the way back in the van Mysti got very attached to Greyham.
 He hugged him all the way back, and sang to him too...
 We stopped loads on the way back.
 I can't remember any of it but Killer Tomato stayed awake for all of it.

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