Wednesday, 30 July 2014


 Me and Eggsy had gone up the Valleys to DJ at a college. 
They put a spread on for us.
 They even had a mini tractor put on for us, it was nuts.
 They used it to take us to the main arena.
 Which was rocking when we got there. An ACDC cover band had just finished and the crowd were hyped to the max.
 We took to the stage and began to rip the place up.
 It was going right off so they brought Eggsy a bar stool to increase the impact of the show to the crowd.
 By now the crowd were literally going crazy.
I have to mention at this point this was an alcohol free event.
 Then, we got a dude on stage and got everyone to point at him and it went off.
By now the arena was packed. We had to take it up to the next level.
 So we got them to do a conga chain, bang!
 Then they went mental and started smashing the place up.
 There was hay everywhere.
 Suddenly from nowhere there was a tractor tire.
 The people started jumping through the air and doing back flips.
 Almost as fast as it had begun it was all over. The crowd in their non alcoholic haze had destroyed the place.
 Rod Stewart gave us a lift back to the dressing room / student cafe area.
 I almost got a snack for the way home.
 A woman tried to sign us up for some weird charity thing trying to take our DNA but we refused. I think she was a nutter. Eggsy found a fake plastic thumb so he was happy.
It was almost the perfect night.

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