Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Glasgow Audio 18th July 2015

 So, we woke up in some travel tavern felling like a million dollars.
We had to drive up to Glasgow.
 Some of the boys were less keen on getting up.
 Eventually we got on the road and looked for a country pub.
 The one we chose smelt of chips and looked like a microwave's nightmare.
 And we were a little worried leaving the van outside. So we drove to 3 more places, 2 of which were closed permanently and one which looked like the pub in Crocodile Dundee in Australia.
 So we fucked it of and went to the venue, which was closed.
 So we went to the local pub on the corner and had some drinks.
 After food and drink we went sight seeing. This is the local emo kids by the corner that smelt of human feces.
 Then we went to the kilt shop.
 On the way to the Adidas shop we bumped into Slash.
 And Billy bought a local football teams strip.
 Adam got mobbed by some girls who made him look really small.
 And DJ Killer Tomato got desperate.
 We saw the water and our sound guy went to see where that helicopter fell on that building.
 After all that it was time for the gig. The dressing room was very small and we all got our game faces on.
 The place was rammed and sweaty.
 We did some songs.
 And it all went off.
 Graham nearly had a heart attack.
The gig was great, after we stood in the alley where it was cold and the lights are blue so the junkies can't shoot your heroine so easy.
 We took some snaps.
 And hung out a bit.
 Then went to the services.
 Everyone was smashed.
 We had some fun though.
 It had been a good day.
Safe Glasgow!!!

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