Monday, 24 August 2015

Lakefest 7th August 2015

 We were off to Lakefest for a gig so we met up in the pub as it wasn't far away.
 We actually got within 3 miles before Adam and Billy had to have a piss.
 Then, in like 30 seconds, we got to the festival.
 It was nice to see Granny was there.
 Mike was happy with the brandy coz it sounded like his favourite TV personality.
 For some reason the style of GLC clothing seems to be Shifting slightly.

And some of the boys tried to recreate those heady days of the 80s when Bros had all them songs out and wore things on their shoes.
 Lakefest had these cups that you had to drink out of, the boys loved them, DJ Killer Tomato still has his.
 We had a snap with some kids.
 Then went on to do the show.
 We did some songs.
 It was a good gig.
 We had been put on relatively early.
 So we tried to tone down the swearing.
 Sadly we couldn't quite manage it as we had 70s Muff in the set.
 Adam had a great gig.
 And Mysti sweated a lot.
 We did some more snaps, these people owned the tent.
 It all got a bit nuts.
 And then we had some hot food.
 Mysti and Mike had fish and chips. Mike reminisced about a happy time when he had fish and chips.
 There was loads of ketchup!
After the food there was some free love, then we went to a country pub and separated into two groups, the ruffs and the less ruff.
Bang tidy.

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