Monday, 24 August 2015

The Kings Head, Meiford 8th August 2015

We were off to mid Wales to do a show.
 It was miles away and Adam needs a piss every 20 to 30 minutes so it took a while.
 It was pretty though.
 Eventually we rolled into the village.
 The had a DJ in a portable toilet out the front.
 And a massive tent out the back.
 We had the pent house sweet which was lush.
 We discovered that we weren't the only ones on the bill tonight!
There was even a bar, we waited to see with much anticipation of Right Said Fred's arrival.
Needless to say they never turned up.
 Me, Adam and DJ Killer Tomato went for a walk and found a Cecil tribute.
 We spoke to Mr Lewis who said he had other plans tonight and wouldn't be coming to the gig.

 Then we went back to the King's Head for food.
 Adam had 3 meals, burger, curry and something else.
 By the tent they had a mobile disco.
 It went dark and it was time to do the show.
 The stage was awesome and the crowd rocked it.
 After we tried to look cool.
 And hung out.
 We signed a towel for this guy who had traveled from Madrid to see Right Said Fred, he is a massive fan. He said it really made up for the fact that they had not shown up.
 On the way home we went to the services.

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