Thursday, 11 June 2009

Keighley Krawl 7th June 2009

We woke up in Keighley today, some in better shape than others.

There were about 200 bands on.

On the way there the driver had accidentally nearly smashed the back of the bus off.

The conveniences were top draw.

We had been provided with a room for the day.

It was the kind of room you would commit a murder in and then after spending several years in prison end up living in when you got released. We were right at home.

Some of the boys went to Morrisons for lunch.

And then some of us went to the local to sample the beer.

Some college students turned up and said they were from and they filmed us talking about how nice Keighley was.

Then it was time to do the gig. We were head lining and we went on at 7:30.

Norman Hargreaves' car park was packed.

After we met some of the people who stood in the car park.

I think they had had fun.

Adam made friends.

So did Billy.

Adam made more friends.

Even Maggot got in on the fun.

Before we left there was just enough time for me and Billy to go for a curry.

Adam went for the microwave corned beef hash and beans option.

Keighley was safe and they do some great curry up there too.

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