Thursday, 4 June 2009

This Feeling, London

Mike was back in the hot seat for the drive to London.

Maggot Adam Eggsy and Mike went to DJ and have general fun at London's tredy "This Feeling" monthly night, and to be honest as club nights go its pretty fucking good.

Maggot and Eggsy got on the decks and shouted into the mic while Adam just mainly shouted into the mic.

People danced and used Semaphore.

More Semaphore and some pointing was seen on the dance floor too.

After the show the boys had to drive all the way back to Newport as we were leaving to go to Bangor at 9am the next morning. They had to stop 3 times for Adam to have a piss before they even got as far as Reading services.

Maggot got ripped off on food.

And Mike drove home at the speed of light as the sun came up.


The same night I Played in Cardiff at UWIC's Cyncoed Campus.

In a massive tent.

Just before I finished it all kicked off just as I played the Prodigy.

Don't argue with the Rugby boys.

I played "Saving All My Love" by Whitney Houston as my last song and the situation seemed to calm down.

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  1. Jesus! Adam's eating the one! to Maggot's amazement by the look of it. Lol!
    Rhys...started the riot by playing the Prodigy...saved the day by playing Whitney...fuckin' genius! Safe as fuck blads :) XX


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