Sunday, 28 June 2009

Glastonbury Festival 27th June 2009

Eggsy and I drove to Glastonbury Festival and it took hours cause I asked him to put the co-ordinates into the satnav and he doesn't seem to know how it works.
When we got there we had to wait in line for our passes.

Then it was time to try and find Mysti and Adam, who didn't answer their phones.

We went for a walk and bumped into some nice people.

Then we decided to get a Hot Dog. Mysti still didn't answer.

I decided it was best to throw my Hot Dog away as I thought it might give me the shits, these two girls wouldn't let me and asked if they could eat it instead. Welcome to Glastonbury.

We finally spoke to Mysti and he said to meet him in the bar in the "Dance Village".

Surprisingly Mysti was nowhere to be seen but we did bump into some more nice people.

This is my crew.

We spoke to Mysti again and it turned out he was in the back stage bar at the Dance Village enjoying some beer.

We met up with Adam too and went to get Eggsy's tent which was in Mysti's car which was parked a mile away.

Mysti was confused and couldn't quite remember the direction.

Adam and I waited at the gate and eventually Mysti came back.

And Eggsy had his tent and sleeping bag.

We went back to the backstage area and Mysti tucked into a bottle of Jack Daniels.

Eggsy went and put up his tent and it started to go dark, soon we would be going up to the "Dance Lounge" to DJ.

We had a small dressing room where the previous DJs had laid the mirror flat on the table.

Then we went on and played some new GLC tunes to the crowd.

Mysti was off his head on Jack Daniels and started rave dancing on the stage.

The crowd loved it.

So he did some more.

We did a good 2 hour set and Eggsy even had a piss under the DJ booth.

Mysti was still flying.


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