Thursday, 4 June 2009

Bangor Uni friday 29th may 2009

We got on the bus well early. Bangor is miles away.
It was good to be back on the road.
Adam needed to go to the toilet so we stopped off at the services.
We tried to win minor prize on the machine.
We didn't win anything.
There was just enough time to get some motorway food in.
There was somethign funny about the sausages but Eggsy wasn't laughing.
We brought a football we had picked up from one of the Uni balls we had done recently.

It was well dangerous playing "Circle of Death" by the side of a motorway.

We got to Bangor and it was a beautiful day so we went to the local pub to use their beer garden.

Mike decided to stay inside the pub and watch Everton on the TV.

Bangor is so nice and even nicer when the sun shines.

We walked back to the venue and saw these signs.
No fun.

Then we did a sound check.

The building was amazing.

We all walked into town and went to a noodle bar called "One Noodle" or something.
It was very very good.

Then we walked back to the bus.

Some of the boys were still tired from the night before and went back to sleep.

And some of the others stayed up and sat on garden furniture outside and drank some beer in the heat of the evening after the sun had set.

Gay Aled from BBC's Radio One was there to hype the audience and announce the acts.

The crowd were well up for it.

These "ladies" came on at the end of our show and did some "dancing".

Maggot made some friends.

And so did Eggsy.

It was a great time with some great people, go to Bangor its the best.
You will have a lovely time.

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  1. Ew! Eggsy's sausage looks like a willie with the white stuff mun!! Safe pics blads :) XX


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