Thursday, 11 June 2009

Kent Uni Ball 6th June 2009

We got up well early to go to Kent.
We stopped at the services and tried to win a prize on the machine as usual.
We didn't win.

Mysti had a burger dog from Wimpy.

Proper rough house.

we got to the gig and parked up in the car park.
for some reason the bus stared to sink into the concrete.
They put down some wood too try to stop it.

We were given a shit load of candy floss too. I hadn't had candy floss for years.

Eggsy and I made a beard and eye brows for Mike balls out of it.

We met some of the people who would soon be more drunk that they ever have before.

And Adam found some time to him self to read.

The bus sank further.

And then it was time to rock the party.

It was a massive place.

After there were fire works.

We met some of the people as we watched Dizzee Rascal who fell of stage but he was ok.
That Bonkers song is starting to drive me nuts now.

By the end of the night Greyham was smashed. Mission accomplished.

Safe kent!!

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