Thursday, 23 July 2009

The Royal Welsh Show, 22nd July 2009

The Royal Welsh Show is a special event in Wales for farmers. We were playing in the Young Farmers Village on the last day of the show. It had rained a lot.

Adam had neglected to bring the appropriate footwear.
We were playing at 11:30pm in a massive tent in a field.

We had a portacabin from World War II used during the testing of Nuclear missiles.

Maggot inspected the toilets.

And we played a few games. First we threw a metal pole about.

Then we had a game of Cricket.

Billy got very competitive about it.

He was in for ages.

We soon got bored of that and one of The Maggot's friends from the Welsh BBC came over to interview us about The Royal Welsh Show.

Then our sound engineer Stan tried too make all the shitty bits of equipment work so we could put a gig on. The rap duo M and M wrote a song about him you know.

Maggot spoke to the security and made sure we were going to be looked after.

And some of the boys went and sat on the luxury 17 seater scum bus that we had driven up in.

We decided to go and find some food in Llandrindod Wells which was a 20 minute drive away, so Eggsy got some chips for the ride.

We ended up having a romantic meal in the Chamelle Spice curry house.
I had a Chicken Madras and an Onion Bhaji, didn't bother with rice.

Kate from BBC Radio Wales joined us and made us say stuff into a microphone.

When we got back to the show ground Mushy had turned up.

Mike got on it with some cheap Red Bull rip off and some even cheaper Vodka.

Even Martin turned up.

Billy had his usual 2 drinks.

And we went on and played the gig to a massive load of young farmers.

It was awesome.

Even the local police seemed to have a good time.
Then it was back to the Nuclear bunker.

Maggot started to make friends early.

Then he made more friends.

Then it was time to get ready to go back down the A470.
Check out my angry face.

There was just enough time for Maggot to make friends with a pair of sisters.

Then we all got on our luxury bus. And we were out of there.

On the way home i got shitted on cheap vodka and Mysti fell asleep.


  1. You boys were safe as fuck in the muck aye! The place was buzzin'! Hazel caught one of the coppers singing to one of your it was soapbar! I've got that pic of you with the Police on myspace page if you want a copy :)
    Thanks again for an awesome night blads! Knows I loves you XXXXXXXX

  2. indeed it was safe as fuck, best night i've had for ages, and i needed it! been feeling shit recently but a night with the GLC has cheere dme up no end, cheers boys! And thnx for gettin us on stage at the end too :) :D


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