Monday, 27 July 2009

Camp Bestival, Lulworth Castle dorset Saturday July 25th 2009

We woke up at Camp Bestival.

Some of us were happier to be awake than others.After a while we got it together and went for a walk around the festival site.

The site is set up around Lulworth Castle, which is a 17th century mock castle.

Mike found what he was looking for, a bacon roll.

Then we went back to the bus and bumped into some builders.

We said hello to Rob da bank. He organizes the festival.

After a game of cricket we all went over to the stage and Adam got ready for the gig.

We were playing the big top.

And the crowd were really good.

Uncle Howard was there, it's always nice to see him.

Eggsy nearly got licked.

And then told some people lies.

It was then time for food, we had been given lunch vouchers.

We had the best semi cooked burgers available to man kind.

Then we went back out into the festival crowd to watch some bands and check the vibe.

There were some nutters there who had put on some funny costumes.
And these guys too.

Billy enjoyed two drinks.

And eggsy hung out with a unicorn and her friends.
Camp Bestival is awesome.

We stayed till late and watched The Cuban Brothers who were headlining.

Big up to Rob da Bank!


  1. Ha was brilliant seeing you guys at Camp Bestival. I am in the picture you took too, the girl with the pink hair. Check me ooot

  2. Did you get any whizz off those builders 'en? :) Adam, I wanna take you on with that beer thingy!! We'l have a lil wager to see who drops first :) Wicked pics blads! XX


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