Monday, 13 July 2009

GuilFest music festival in Guildford, Surrey 12th July 2009

We went to Guildford this weekend.

The party boys were in town and looking for fun.

The weather just about held out for us, it was over cast but the sun did break through sometimes.
Just long enough for us to enjoy some frisby .

And some football.

Dipper Nan (on the left) was there and it was his 30th birthday!

Billy started as he meant to carry on, with two drinks.

We met up with some of the boys from Rock Sound magazine.

And we did an interview with these weirdos from some hospital radio, we told them we were into "wood pinging", which is where you bang two bits of wood together to make a pinging sound.

Mike got ready for the gig.

Then we went to the stage and waited to go on.

The crowd were awesome.

The weather just held out.

Greyham jumped into the crowd, I thought he was going to stage dive.

But he ended up hurting his hand.

He needed first aid and had to have a tetanus injection.

Then we beat up this dude who had done an interview with eggsy and put it in this magazine.

We ate some food at the catering area that was all vegitarian. Linda McCartney would have been well proud of us but the food was rank.

Eggsy and I talked to these dudes who were from some online site.
I hope they get proper jobs one day.

It was about 8 by now and Adam so smashed on booze he forgot how to sit down.

The the Happy Mondays headlined, some of the boys went to watch them. I tried to watch Patrick Swayze's "Road house" on the bus. He is the best cooler in the business.

After the gig Mark Bez and his new teeth came over to say Hello.

Bez was flying, if you look you can see he has foam coming out of the side of his mouth....
Proper sick, don't do drugs kids.

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  1. LOL! Look @ Bez! I fucked him up at the Carling Live 24 when I came to see you lot in 06! We share the same birthday ya know! Hmmm...explains a few things I suppose! Lol!
    Poor Grays hand :( Wicked pics! :) Safe XX


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