Monday, 27 July 2009

Leamington Spa Assembly Rooms Friday July 24th 2009

So we got in our big red bus and drove to Leamington Spa.
We were playing in The Assembly Rooms.
The room we were playing in was huge and had some nice silver looking reliefs on the walls.

Down stairs they had a chrome caravan inside the building.

There was also a load of weird rides from a fair ground.
I think the owner of the venue was a part time pedo (I'm sure he isn't really).

At least Adam amd Greyham were having the time of their lives.

We quickly got bored so we went for a walk in the picturesque town centre.

Mike found a nice shirt in a charity shop.

And drank some Gay cider.

And then bought some low quality tricks to play on the rest of the band.

We were having a lovely day out.

The others went to a pub and rammed burgers and strong cider in their heads.

Old Rosie by the river.

Then we all got ready to do the show.

We had a good crowd in for a friday night.

As soon as we had finished we had some really hot cheese delivered.

Then it was "drink on" and we all got on it.
Mysti had a great time with DJ Euphoria.

Milly was there too.

Check out this woman's head, it looks like a fake picture. It's real.

Billy had his usual two drinks.

All to soon it was time to get on the bus and go to Dorset.


  1. so thats where those glasses went! big up yer vests and see you at another gig soon clarts!

  2. Nice to see Euphoria n Milly representin'! :) Rhys you are so right about that woman's head! It so looks super-imposed! LMFAO! Safe XX


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