Thursday, 30 July 2009

Harlow Quattroz Essex, Wednesday July 29th 2009

So we arrived in Harlow at the Quattroz club. We were meant to play a show here on the March tour but Mysti got a runny bottom after eating some food from a local outlet.
Also they didn't have a sound system, that didn't help.
This time though they did have a load of speakers and some even worked too.

They have tree dressing rooms at this venue. Unfortunately we didn't get the chance to smash the place up cause someone had already done it. This is the main dressing room.

This is dressing room two.

And this is dressing room three.

If you go to Harlow and you are hungry, Mysti recommends not to go to this place.

So we were going on stage at eleven. About thirty minutes before the promoter and his missus, who worked at the venue, came and told us they had just been sacked and asked to leave the club. Any way the show must go on.

There was a good crowd in and we didn't blow the sound system.

It was a fun gig and the crowd came on stage at the end to dance.

After the gig we met some of the locals.

2fat was there too, I think he enjoyed the gig.

Thank you Harlow and good night.

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