Sunday, 2 August 2009


Greyham got very drunk on the way to Kendal and I think he was still drunk when he woke up. that might explain why he got of the bus in his under pants.

He did make some friends though.

So another day another smashed up room. The festival didn't start till five and they still seemed to be building most of it.

The site was a Deer park.

Behind the "green room" there was a lake, like the kind you find a dead body in.

We decided to have a walk around the site, it still wasn't open yet.
We did an interview or two.

Adam and Greyham bought some veggie hot dogs.

Then these boys came over and asked if we had seen any caves around. We explained we were not local to the area but we believed there must be somewhere that they could go Pot holing close by.
It turned out they didn't want too see any caves at all and were actually looking for Ketamine, which they called "K". Easy mistake to make.

This is the main stage.

Adam and Greyham decided to by a rape mask for fifteen quid. Not sure what they wanted it for.

Adam also got some air brush tattoos.

Check out Hendrix!

So we went back stage and met the dudes who were going to introduce us.

And got ready to go on.

This is the view from the stage.

It was a great gig.

We found some girls pissing behind our dressing room so we made friends with them.

Later on we went for a walk around and found a Pizza Express.

Hot pizza!!!

We went back to the "green room" and got on it.

Maggot had a great time.

Thank you Kendal.

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