Monday, 10 August 2009


So the usual start to the day, a stop at a shit British standard service station.
You stop at these places for four reasons. 1 Is for fuel for your vehicle cause you didn't put enough in at a normal petrol station which is much cheaper. 2 You need to take a dump. 3 You need to eat something and you didn't have the foresight to make something to bring with you. 4 You are fucking nuts. We were there for reasons 2, 3 and 4.
After a long drive we arrived in Blackpool.

Rebellion is a Punk festival and has been put on in Blackpool's Winter gardens for about 4 years but it's been around for ages in different places.
So we loaded the gear in and had a look around.

This was our stage.

The Winter Gardens is a massive complex of ballrooms, theatres and arcades which was built in around 1930. It's amazing and goes on for ever. It's well spooky too.

So after we got the gear in we went on the hunt for some food.

We were going to go to Subway but it had burnt down.

So we ended up in Pizza Hut, the only food place we recognised and thought we could trust.
Adam wasn't happy.

It turned out the people working in this Pizza Hut were not very good at organising the customers so we had to wait for ages to get a table and then a long time to get served, by then Adam decided he had had enough.

If you are hungry don't go to Blackpool.

After we had been ripped off in Pizza Hut we went back to the dressing room and invented a new game called "Wall Wheelies".

Basically we found a small wheel and we had to throw it at the wall.

Adam really got into this.

Mike accidentally got hit in the balls on the rebound.

We met some of the stage crew and then it was time to go on and do the gig.

We had some trouble with the stage sound but the crowd was amazing.

We got most of them on stage at the end.

It was a propper stage invasion.

After we went back in to go to the bar, some of the festival goers were smashed by then.

Billy had his usual 2 drinks.

And we met some nice people as the festival wound down.

Then there was just enough time to get some delicious food before we got on the road.


  1. eugh - that looks like someone threw up in a small plasic container

  2. Looked mental! Looks like Adams getting bummed on stage by the bloke with the light blue t-shirt! LOL X


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