Sunday, 2 August 2009

McCLUSKY'S, Kingston-Upon-Thames, Thursday July 30th 2009

We had a few hours to kill on the way around the M25 so we stopped off in Windsor.
Its full of Americans.There is lots to see there, they have a castle and a wonky house.

And loads of pubs.
After we had spent a few hours in the pub we went for a walk around and bumped into the other boys.

So we went to another pub until it was time to go.

At four PM we got on the bus and drove to Kingston where we were playing that night.
The venue was behind a T K Max, so we went to have a look around. It was massive.

Then we hung around by the river like scum for a bit.

We eventually went inside the venue and did a sound check and got ready for the gig.

Our back stage area was a kitchen.

The club holds about six hundred people and it was packed, it was a great gig.

Doctor Cum whodid the sound on our tour earlier this year turned up to drink our free booze.

And Maggot made some fiends.

Adam went back into the club and I gave him my camera and asked him to take some photos.
This is all he took.

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  1. Christ. So you've joined the likes of the Vengaboys and East 17 and played McKlusky's. Gutted I missed it cos I live near there :(


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