Monday, 10 August 2009

PLAYFEST, ABERTILLERY,Saturday August 8th 2009

First thing to do when you get to Abertillery is get some chips.
Last time we played here the venue was a shit hole, mind you it was run at the time by South Wales' best sound engineer Doctor Cum.
Also last time we played here a man was run over and another man ended up going to prison for attempted murder after he attacked someone with a baseball bat with nails in it.
It was good to be back, they had even done the dressing room up.

We did the sound check and then headed back to Newport to pick some things up for the gig.

We also had a few pints, some pool and some curry.

Then we all got back on the 17 seater and headed back up to Abertillery.

It doesn't take long and soon we were back in the club.

It was GLC superfan Spam's 46th birthday so he came on stage for the last song.

It was one of the funniest gigs we have ever done.

This is Gibbo and Spam. They are not brothers.

Before we got back on the scum bus, to go back to the Port, we met some of the people who had come to see us and the three bands who had played before us.

It was a fun day out and it's always nice to play a gig close to home.

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