Sunday, 2 August 2009

SANTA POD RACEWAY, NORTHANTS, Saturday August 1st 2009

We woke up today in a car park with a fairground behind it.
There was also an area where you could drive your car as fast as you possible could for a quarter of a mile.

And there was bacon!
Mike's favorite.
This was the race track. People drove there cars down here and most only got up to about eighty miles an hour.

Adam me and Greyham decided to take a look around.

We thought we would have a go on the waltzers.
I hadn't been on the waltzers for years.

It wasn't the best idea. We were all nearly sick and the sound system was well loud.
We had only been up for ten minutes.

This car had a forty grand sound system in it.
I use to have one of these but it only had a shit tape deck in it.

We decided to commandeer a vehicle to go to a local pub.

They did some great food and some of us fell asleep there too.

When we got back they tried to charge us twenty quid to get back in. This girl didn't want her picture taken at all.

When we got back in we thought it was time to see what was going on back stage.

They even had a bar there.

We quickly got bored of that and went for a walk down the other end of the site.
This dude said he was our number one fan, he was safe.

We also saw some of our old friends from the Daily Sport.
They promised to come on stage with us later.

Then it pissed down.

Cause it rained we never got as far as where the Monster Trucks were. Gutted.
We went back to the bus tried to sleep for a bit and then took to the stage which was the back of a truck. It was a proper rave up.

We also had some semi erotic dancers on stage with us too.

It was a great gig. After we went to say hello to some of the people who had come to Santa Pod.
Maggot was having the time of his life.

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  1. USC was safe as fuck. Thanks for coming guys.


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