Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Honest john Awards 19th May 2011

We were off to London and the only way to set yourself up for a big day is a breakfast at the Secret Garden Cafe in Newport.

We met the other boys and got into a new 17 seater scum bus with our trusty driver Anthony.

Soon (well after an hour of messing about) we were rollin'.

Greyham got on the sparkling French apple juice.

And Eggsy had a terrible accident, only Stan our sound engineer could help.

After Eggsy was cleaned up we stopped off so Mike could visit his favourite game machine. Minor prize also known as Pile Up (good name for a game in a motorway service station).

A few hours later and we reached our destination.
I was a little disappointed as I had thought we were playing with Aswad.

The gig was at the Water Rats and it was for Honest John who is some sort of car enthusiast. I believe they are called petrol heads by some and car dealers by others.

We hung out in the dressing room / cupboard under the stairs for a bit.

Then after a quick walk about, Eggsy got some chips.

And some of the others went to the pub across the road for beer and big plates of food.

Which I thought was very extravagant cause we had free booze and what to the casual observer looked like free fish and chips (Captain Birdseye style).

While the awards were on upstairs some of our friends, who were either hanging around or in London to see an instrumental band from Texas, popped in to say hi.

After the Awards finished it was time to do our bit.

It was a funny gig but a good gig, the crowd were there for the cars yet they seemed oddly impressed by a group of men in tracksuits from the south of Wales.

After, I played some records on my own while the others got pissed up in the dressing room and then it was time to get in the van. We also took some randoms from London back to Wales, I think they thought we were going to a hotel to party or something.

On the way back we stopped at a service station apparently. I don't remember stopping but I found this photo so we must have.


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