Monday, 16 May 2011

Oxford DJ set 14th March 2011

We had spent the afternoon at MC 2hats place having a BBQ. After we had rammed in a load of under cooked meat me Eggsy and Big G got in the red bullet to go to Oxford.
We were DJing at Keble College.

We got there and met up with our contact Sam, he was ramming under cooked meat into his head when we arrived.

He took us to a room full of old crisps and sandwiches that had turned to stone.

Later the room filled up with Burlesque dancers getting changed and then this guy (who was very important) brought us a box full of yet more half cooked meat.

These two ladies were assigned to look after us, they were obsessed with internet porn. They told us about some terrible web sites and put images into our heads that would give you nightmares, still they seemed like nice girls.

Then after an hour of being told about things they had seen on the internet the girls finally took us to where we were going to play.
These guys are beer Pressure (one of them runs his own pub in High Wickham, I think that's where they got the name).
They are a covers band and do a very good Umbrella by American pop sensation Rhianna.

Then we went on.

There was a party happening.

Big G's face went all to the side, a clear indication that someone is having a good time.

I was having such a good time I did the pointy dance.

About halfway through Big G and Eggsy were inducted into the Scotch Whisky Society.

Then we were done. After Eggsy met some of the girls.

And Big G met some of the boys.

Then we went for a quick look around before we got back into Big G's red bullet.

There was just enough time for some more under cooked meat.

And then it was time to shoot back down the M4.

By the time we got home it was light and Big G was toast.


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  1. Well safe! Big up the two girls 1 cup massive!


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