Sunday, 29 May 2011

Osfest 28th May 2011

We had driven up from Bristol over night to Oswestry and had hit it hard.
Rossco was the first up.

Closely followed by Greyham.

Then 2hats found a toaster in the backstage building and made 4 rounds of toast for himself.

Eggo got up and went for Coco Pops.

At this time in the morning we were broken men.

We decided to try and pick ourselves up by going for a look around the festival site.

Greyham was feeling hungry.

And Rossco decided it was Pimm's o'clock.

Even though Billy said he wasn't going to drink today he thought a cup of Pimm's wouldn't hurt.

Backstage Adam was taking advantage of the free curry and chili.

And Mike was trying to work out the rules of computer golf.

We went over to the VIP area to do some press.

And talk to the newspapers.

And Adam and Mike had some fish eat their feet.

Ruff house!

Then we went to the funfair.

And got whiplash.

Adam and me went on the shit spinner, all the others were to scared.

And we found out why. At this point I am screaming "make it stop".

I nearly lost control of my self, it was nuts.

There was just enough time for a quick cocktail.

And then Mike took us to a football based game.

It was shit.

This is all the Osfest crew, they are well safe!

Example (he is a singer or something) was on after us and he brought a TV with him and set it up so we could watch the Champions League final, well some of it cause we were on stage during the second half.

It was a great gig and we kind of broke the stage, well Billy did in 3 places.

After we met some of the party people.

We got on it and Rossco eat the left over sandwiches.

On the way back to Wales we got woken up at 8am cause the bus had broken down and one of the wheels had nearly fallen off.

So the bus company fixed us up with a limo to get us home safe.

Some of us felt truly alive, others weren't quite so chipper.

On the way we stopped off for breakfast.

It was a great weekend out, thank you Osfest!

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  1. Yo GLC it's your osfest curry chef here, you're friends with Debs from shifty chicken shed on facebook, come and do a gig with us you bastards or you'll have shit curry next year. Peace!


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